Hotel Bristol


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It is a curious fact that since the mid 19th century, scores of hotels around the world have carried the name 'Bristol'. These hotels have no connection apart from the name, although they are traditionally upmarket establishments.

The number of Bristol hotels probably peaked in the 1920s, with around 150 remaining today. Most are found in France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, though Bristol hotels still exist worldwide. They include many prominent establishments (for example, Argentina's Bristol in Mar del Plata was regarded as the finest hotel in South America), plus some downmarket and some new hotels.

Possible origins of the name are the association with the city of Bristol, and the supposed endorsement by Frederick Hervey, the 4th Earl of Bristol and Bishop of Derry (1730-1803), who spent much of his life travelling the continent, demanding high standards of hospitality. (However, there is a distinct lack of Bristol hotels prior to 1870.)

The name may also have become popular partly because 'Bristol' is easy to say in any language, and because the name implies quality. Some Bristol hotels acquired their name from their backer's home town (such as Sheffield's Hotel Bristol) or the name of their creator (for example the Bristol Hotel in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, built by Police Chief Everett Bristol).

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